5 Ton Parts

Name Price
, , 5 ton valve stem Duel M939 Series $32.00
, , WINDOW FRAME RUBBER SEAL M923 M939 A1 A2 5330-01-257-0750 F16-3B 7373325-1 $37.00
Transmission PTO Engage Push Pull Control Cable M939A2 M925A2 M928A2 M929A2 M936 $39.00
, , , FAIL SAFE ALARM MONITOR FOR M939 SERIES 11669142 low air parking brake M923 m931 $228.00
, , , New M939 Series 5 Ton Truck RADIATOR M923 M925 M929 M931 M934 M936 A1 A2 military $1,350.00
, NEW Military LED Headlight SET 24V Trucklite HMMWV M35A2 M35 M939 Humvee M809!!!!SOLD OUT!!!!!! $111,111,111.00
, , Heater core M900 series 5 ton M939 military truck NEW 170941HK!!!!!!!!!SOLD OUT!!!!!!!! $250.00
, 2.5 TON M35A2 NEW PARKING BRAKE SHOE SET M35 M109 M35A3 M54 M809 12356757 $215.00
, M35A2 MSERIES NEW 0-120 PSI OIL PRESSURE GAUGE MS24540-2 M923 M900 series $58.00
, M939A2 Inner Hub Seal 900 series truck with 8.3 CTIS A-1205-Z-2132 $36.00
, M939A2 Front Axle Hub Seal 900 series truck with 8.3 CTIS A-1205-E-2137 $22.00
, , M939A2 Outer Hub Seal, A-1205-D-2162 $30.00
, , Goodyear 11.00R20 G177 Unisteel Military 5 ton 6x6 Wheel and Tire Used $225.00
, Transfer case Gasket Set For 5 Ton Trucks M54 M809 Series, 734667 M813 m818 M817 $30.00
Transmission Gasket Set For 5 Ton Trucks M54/M809 Series, 8333711 $30.00
, 8.3 Fuel Shutdown Shut Off Stop Solenoid Cummins M900 series A2 $120.00
, , Michelin 395 85 r 20 on 5 ton wheels XML $375.00
, , , a pair of 1600 Goodyear at3a 53" tires $500.00
, , , Dump truck parts M817 m931 $0.00
, , , M900 A2 series 8.3 Cumming air compressor $810.00
, , 5 ton M900 8.3 cummins lift pump Military M923A2 fuel pump A2 $239.00
, , , 2.5-5 TON M35A2 M800 M900 SERIES SIDE WINDOW FELT WIPER 7373287 $29.00
, , , Goodyear 395/85R20 MV/T 46" tall tires 95%+ tread others available 15.5 equal $275.00


2.5 Ton Parts

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5 Ton Parts

C&C Equipment has extensive experience with heavy trucks and can help you operate and maintain you equipment. We offer a complete line of heavy truck parts for every thing from 5 ton cargo trucks like the M813 or M923 to the largest military over the road semis. Take a look here for all your heavy truck parts. >>

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