2013 New AM General M998 M1037 Military Hummer H1 Humvee hmmwv Cummins

Wed, 07/03/2013 - 09:44 -- manager
$84 999.00

Up for sale is a one of a kind extremely hard to find vehicle. It is a US military Hmmwv or hummer. This thing is basially new from the ground up. As you may know the US government does not sell these things complete, most are crushed or demilled as they call it. So owning a true military Humvee is a rare find and a wise investment. Everything on this vehicle is ether brand new or rebuilt, with most of it being new. The frame, suspension, disc brakes, axles, gear reduction hubs, and fuel tank, are all new from AM General. The aluminum body is a newer style M1037 that was in excellent shape, that required no body work. The tires and wheels are the BF Goodrich baja T/As 37" tall on 24 bolt steel military rims with runflats in them. These are all new including the spare. This has the expensive "Rhino" spare tire holder on the back that swings out and can be cranked down to the ground via a jack making tire changes quick and easy. All tires are balanced to run at highway speed. Everyone knows the big downfall to these rigs is the stock power plants the 6.2 and 6.5 GM diesels that only produce around 160hp. Well we were not going to drop one of those in there so we went with a power package from a 1993 Dodge ram truck with the famous 5.9 Cummins turbo charged diesel. This engine will really make the hummer move and should of been installed in these to begin with. We went through the engine freshened it up with new seals all over, valve adjustment, new items like fuel pump, water pump, 100amp alternator, etc... The engine runs extremely good and is putting out about 300hp which will move the hummer extremely well. It is capable of doing a burnout on the pavement if you want to. We have the turbo set up with an inter cooler for good performance and cooler exhaust gas temperatures. The 12 valve Cummins is a super simple engine, This one requires no electronics to run, not even a wire to run the injection pump as we have it set up as a mechanical kill, you just pull a cable on the dash to kill the engine. It just does not get any simpler than that. Behind the Cummins is a Dodge 46RH rebuilt auto transmission with overdrive. This also requires no computer to run. It is set up with a switch on the dash to lock it out of 4th gear "overdrive" if you want to do some serious towing or just don't need it. If not just leave the overdrive switch on and it will shift the gears automatically for you. Very simple!! It features a cable operated TCI shifter. Behind that is a NP 241 transfer case that has been rebuilt also. It feature 2 wheel high, 4 wheel high and 4 wheel low range. If you are familiar with stock hummers you know they only had full time 4wd and got poor fuel mileage because of this. Well with this setup you have 2 wheel drive so with the Cummins engine expect around 20mpg easy. The body was painted with the 383 CARC green and is set off with Flat black accents for a cool military look. The inside of the body and bed has been sprayed with a color matching Raptor bed liner material making for a tough finish. It does have a 2.5" body lift to make room for the Cummins engine. It has 4 new updated HMMWV seats with the drivers seats fully adjustable. It has a Brand new soft top with 4 brand new soft doors not shown in the pictures. It also features a new warn winch. We went with a full new complete 12 volt system for the simple ease of finding parts and you can add normal accessories to it. The original ones were 24 volt making it hard to find parts for and add accessories. It has a new Painless wiring 12 circuit harness on it with color coded wires that are marked every 6" with there intended purpose. It features a normal fuse box with flasher relays, items that can be found anywhere just like a normal car. As for the headlights, turn and taillights they are all new very expensive Truck-Lite brand LED military lights made for the Humvee. They are multi voltage so they can run on 12 volts just fine. This give the hummer a very cool and update look. The gauge package is all new also, it features an GPS speedometer, fuel, oil, voltage, and temp gauges. I also have an EGT gauge so you can keep an eye on that also. Twin Dual electric fans keep the radiator, transmission cooler, power steering cooler and inter cooler run at cool temps. This also helps save on fuel mileage. As you can see and tell this is all new and has an awesome look to it, there is just nothing else like a hummer it gets allot of looks anywhere you go. With the 4 speed transmission it will cruise at 65-70mph. It drives nice down the road for a hummer, just like a new one. We set this rig up with simplicity in mind. No computer, no elaborate wiring system, just good ole simple USA engineering that works. Anyone can work on this thing anywhere, and most parts are in stock at you local parts stores. We use all brand name USA made parts on builds like this because what else is there sure you pay a little more for them, but there is no reason to cut corners on something like this. The torque of the Cummins is legendary and these motors will last 500,000+ miles if you take care of them. This is the ultimate package, it has a serious cool factor to it and makes an awesome cruiser with the doors off, there's nothing like it. Check out my other items! We have several thousands of military parts and trucks in stock. Don't miss out on the chance to own a rare item, when is the last time you sen a military Humvee come up for sale with a Cummins is it. take a look at the pictures and video you will see the craftsmanship in this rig. This is titled as a 2013 Hummer and we do have a clear Indiana title in hand We also can have this shipped almost anywhere the laws will allow. prices in the lower 48 states will run from $500-$2000 please call us at 812-336-2894 for more info on this unit. after hours or weekends try 812-322-4907


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