Custom 1971 M35A2 Crew cab with 2012 rebuild

Fri, 02/03/2012 - 11:13 -- admin
$59 999.00

Up for sale is a fresh completely rebuilt 1971 AM General M35A2 cargo truck. We are the premier custom builder of the crew cab conversion of these type of trucks, I have done several. The 4 door truck was never offered by the military, so we custom build them so you can haul your family or 6 of your buddys around with plenty of room. if you want something to stand out this is it. These make good advertisements for business, this is the thing to have if you want noticed.

The truck started as a clean 6x6 truck I picked up from Texas. I have several 2.5 tons in stock, I always use the best trucks for these builds. There must be absolutly no rust for me to do one. The truck was stripped down to the frame. All parts get sandblasted, primed and painted. I used a clean rust free donor cab for the back cab, and a clean rust free 9' M105 bed. This is all sitting on a full length set of 6x6 frame rails.

Almost every part on this truck is new and/or rebuilt, here is a list of some of the items.

New virgin crate Hercules LDT-465 Turbo Diesel engine with all new accesories like:

New Whistler turbo for that unique sound

New Injection pump

New water pump, hoses, and radiator

New clutch, flywheel, pressure plate and rebuilt 5 speed manual transmission

Transfercase rebuilt

New front Government rebuilt crate axle

Rebuilt rear axle

All new heavier built driveshafts front and rear

New custom 6" full lift springs, no blocks used in rear.

Front axle is set forward 1.5" for better looks and clearence

4 brand new 53" tall Goodyear AT-2A 16.00-R20 tires

4 brand new 2 piece bolt togther 20x10" wheels

New set of AVM lockout hubs for front axle.

New custom power steering setup, you can turn the wheel with one finger.

New front and rear LED stop, turn and park lights

New front headlights

Winch rebuilt

New steel hardtop for cab with new headliner

2 New bench seats with new militray stlye seat belts

Matching green bedliner coating sprayed inside cab floor, side steps, chains, and bed of truck.

New factory military coolant cab heater installed inside cab for better heating.

All gauges are new, along with steering wheel, data plates, etc...

All new glass and frames for all windows front, rear and side doors.

All new rubber for windows, channels, felt, etc..

All new door latches, handles, window regulators, wiper motors, arms, etc...

New custom intake snorkel

There is many other items not listed, like all the fasteners are new, and all the other things that take to long to list.

This truck was built in 1971 and overhualed in 1985 By the government, then it was rebuilt by C&C equipment in 2012.

As you can see I do not cut corners on a truck like this, This is by far the nicest crew cab out there and proably the nicest M35A2 around in any form. I stock all the parts for these type of trucks. Everything you see on this truck I sell here on ebay.

We pay attention to the details and try to make everything look like a factory built unit. The body on this truck is perfect and has over 8 gallions of paint on it. The 6" lift springs and 53" tall tires give it that killer stance that grabs attention. If you want to be seen this is the truck for you.

The whistler turbo sounds great and it will anounce its presence if they don't see it. The truck starts and runs great and has no leaks. It drives fine down the road for a big truck, just don't expect it to ride and handle like a caddy. The power steering takes the work out of turning the steering wheel. You can turn the wheel with one finger stopped in place.

This truck has the updated 2 speed air shift transfer case in it also.

The stock cabs in these trucks did not have much room for a big driver. Now there is plenty of room in the front and back for the biggest and tallest of drivers.

If you want the biggest and baddest truck on the block this is it. Don't miss out on the chance to own this ride. I only do about one of these a year. We have hundreds of man hours in a truck like this. This is a totaly new truck. It may have a couple hundred miles on it from me test driving it. I am firm on the price, I am not in a bind to sell the truck so don't expect to by it for nothing. You have to come see the truck in person to really appreciate the craftmanship that goes into it.

I have a clear Indiana state title in hand. I can ship this truck to you in the lower 48 states for $600-$2500 depending on where you live.

Call me at 812-336-2894 almost anytime.

I have built over 50 custom 2.5 ton trucks with only a handfull of them being crew cabs. I doubt you will see another one in your town.

I stock all the parts for these type of trucks and have over 25 trucks in stock if you need something custom built

Any questions call me or send me an email

Price $58999



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