New air assist power steering kit for M35A2 M109A3 M44 2.5 ton series M35A3! SOLD OUT CALL FOR MORE INFO!!!!!!!

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C&C Equipment is now offering new manufacture air assist power steering kits for the M44 2.5 ton series of trucks like the M35A2, M109A3 M275 M36. etc... This is also a direct replacement for the M35A3 series of trucks. Keep in mind that this is a new kit built in 2013 so all the seals and such are fresh. Beware of the older surplus kits that were release a few years ago, they were made back in the early 1990's and 20+ year old rubber is not a good thing. but with these new manufacture kits this is not a problem any more. 

I have sold 100's of these kits in the past and installed several of them. They will provide you with nice power steering which you will be able to turn the wheel with one hand while parked in place, something you could never even do before. 

It is a complete bolt on kit no cutting or welding required like some other power steering kits. I have installed all different types of power steering on these trucks, and this is by far the simplest and best setup for the do it yourself-er. 

Normal install time for us is 1.5 hours. If you are doing it for the first time yourself 4-5 hours should be plenty.

If the air assist should blow a line or fail there is a safety shutoff valve so you will still have enough air for your brakes. You still have full control over your steering!!

If you own one of these trucks it is a must have, we have these in stock ready to ship by UPS. 

You can always call us at 812-336-2894 for more questions or info.

We can install on your truck, we offer a huge line of trucks and parts, so 

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Below is some more info

Now available for immediate shipping! The Modified M-35 Installation Kit  NSN 2530-01-388-4240

Created for Military Use:


  • Fast Easy Installation
  • Improved Safety
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Reduced Driver Fatigue
  • No Unscheduled Down Time
  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Positive Driver Control
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was designed specifically for heavy duty military vehicles. It was approved for The United States Military Extended Service Program (ESP) on the 2 1/2 ton truck (M-35). 
Today it remains the only authorized steering modification for the M-35.

Air-0-Matic Systems Use Air Pressure 
The Air-0-Matic System is pneumatic. Powered by your vehicle's compressed air system, Air-0-Matic provides a power assist system that activates only when you need it.

"Power Assist" Air-0-Matic is a power "assist system" designed to operate in conjunction with the manual steering system. Approximately 10 lbs of steering wheel pull is needed to activate the system. Air-0-Matic gives you the economy and feel for the road offered by manual steering, plus the maneuverability and control to safely respond to driving conditions. Driver fatigue is greatly reduced and provides improved fuel economy and increased load capacity.


Safety Manual steering is always available as a back up in the event of a power assist failure. If pressure in the system drops below 60 psi, Air-0-Matic's safety 
valve closes protecting your air brake 
system and returning the steering to manual. Air-0-Matic power assist re­ sumes when air pressure in the system returns to 90 PSI. When sudden engine failure occurs, reserve air allows you to steer the vehicle to a safe stop.

Air-0-matic Lowers Maintenance Costs 
The Air-0-Matic system eliminates the need for hydraulic oil, pump, accumula­ tor, belts, gears and filters. The minor lubrication required is carried out during scheduled maintenance service.

List price: $3,499.00
Price: $3,499.00
Weight: 85 lb
Product Requires Freight: 

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