1987 Cat D-7G ex US Navy dozer with 145 original true hours 3 shank ripper!!!!!!!!SOLD!!!!!!!!!

Up for sale is a very very rare find. This is a 1987 Cat D-7G dozer with 145 original true hours, yes 145 hours. It has been stored inside all of its life coming out for only oil changes, services, and to keep all seals lubricated every 3-6 months. It has only about 60 hours of actual run time, it was used to clear out a gun range recently in 60 hours and that's it. The rest of the 85 hours has come from service work when in storage. It is in its original green paint from 1987 which is in good shape, the paint is not even wore off the blade yet. It still has factory paperback stickers on it from 1987, that will tell you that its been stored inside in a dry climate. This is an EX-US Navy tractor that just never seen any use. The Cat 3 shank ripper is new and the rippers have never touched the ground. Everything is completely original on this machine to the glass, paint, seats, tracks etc... This machine has the Cat 3306 Turbo diesel rated at 200hp. It has a straight blade with tilt and with a push plate. Blade is 12-2" wide at the end bits and 11'-2" with end bits off. It has the 3 speed power shift transmission with hand steering clutch and brake levers on the dash. It has an enclosed cab which is a simple bolt on skin kit that can be removed making it a open ROPS machine. The cab does have heat. All glass and seals are perfect and door work like new. The seat, gauges, data plates and armrests are all in like new original condition. The floor mat is the original one in perfect shape also. It has no A/C but we can add it for an extra charge if needed. The serial number tag still has the plastic covering on it from the factory. The machine is dry with no leaks since it was run in the last 60 hours. We have checked all fluids including final drives and they are good and clean. The machine is tight just like it should be with all the original shims left in it. The undercarriage is sealed and lubricated original Cat and shows no wear also. The engine fires right up with no blowby. Please look at the pictures and the videos, they will tell the story and of course you can come and inspect it almost anytime. The horizontal marks you see on the blade are just from where the blade box sections were welded on the back side of the blade face at the factory. It just has simply not been run enough to wear the paint off and smooth the face up yet. The flame machine torch cuts can still be seen on the factory side plates welded on the blade. These normally get worn smooth in about 200 hours or so. The push arms are nice and square. The cutting edges are orginal and still have the raised CAT name on them yet. You just never see a machine like this come up for sale, sure there may be a few other out there with 500-1500 hours on them, but allot of time they will have young or rookie operators on them that just destroy them in a short amount of time. I have seen them grind a set of pads down in 500 hours pulling a ripper in rock and spinning the tracks because they did not know what they were doing, or some machines have been cannibalized and then sold and other guys have tried to piece them back together using wore out parts and trying to sell them as low hour army units. But this tractor has not seen any of that kind of service its basically like buying a new tractor at half the price of a new one in a proven and reliable design that is simple to work on. We all know how much a new one costs and add the fact that they are full of electronics and emissions crap that we just cant simply have anyone one work on them any more. This machine has none of that and is so simple and easy to work on and of course the parts support is excellent because it is a CAT. Machine weight is 52,500lbs as it sets. without the ripper it is about 45,500lbs. Its 22' long with ripper 10'-6" tall 12'-2" wide ( we can reduce it down to 11'-2" by removing the end bits for shipping purposes) I can ship this anywhere in the world just about. In the lower 48 states it will be around $3.50-$4.00 a loaded mile from 47468 plus over width and over weight permits which will run about $100 per state. Please call for any questions 812-336-2894 8-4:30 est after hours or weekends you can call 812-322-4907 to talk about this machine only. You can always e-mail us. Don't miss out on the tractor if your interested these very seldom if ever come along like this, I have never had one this clean, and they don't last long.

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