5KW Diesel Generator: Military MEP-002A, 384 Hours, 1 & 3 Phase Output Cummins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MEP 002A Military Diesel Generator - much higher quality and longer lasting that residential type units. Built for continuous 24/7 operation in harsh conditions. Built by Libby Corporation with Cummins diesel engine. This unit has 384 hours on meter. It was built in 1990 This is one of the most common military units. Google search will locate free service and operators manual. Repair parts are readily available at reasonable prices. Many parts are available at NAPA and other auto parts stores. Ebay has lots of parts for this unit listed as well. These units are not extremely complicated. If you have moderate mechanical knowledge and are willing to spend time to learn about it you can work on it yourself. Sites like Steel Soldier have considerable discussion on almost every conceivable issue regarding repairing and maintaining these units. If you google a particular question about the MEP 002A there is someone who has already discussed it you will find. I am always amazed how much information is easily found on this unit. Produces 7KW at 500 feet above sea level. (KW decreases as altitude increases). The US Military rates this unit at 5KW but it is commonly noted they notoriously under-rate their equipment. Low fuel consumption compared to gasoline units. Brushless generator. Can be set at single phase 120/240v or 3 phase 208v,60Hz (selectors for phase, voltage and fine adjustment for frequency on control panel) THIS UNIT WILL PROVIDE SINGLE PHASE ELECTRIC AT THE CORRECT FREQUENCY AND VOLTAGE FOR TYPICAL HOUSEHOLD USAGE. Gauges monitor electric load level, hertz and voltage. This unit is sufficient to power essential electrical needs in typical residential home during power outage. This unit is designed to run continuously for prolonged periods unlike typical residential gasoline units found at home improvement stores. Unit has been tested and starts easily. Uses typical motor oil and NAPA/Fram fuel and oil filters available at auto parts stores. Air cooled engine means very simple design with fewer parts to maintain. No radiator, coolant, water pump etc. for increased reliability. Powered by a very sturdy and reliable Cummins-Onan two cylinder diesel engine refined in design over many years of production and use. The engine runs at 1800 RPM. Most residential units run at 3600 RPM and produce sound at a higher frequency. 1800 RPM also means these are much longer lasting units since engine is rotating at half the speed of most other generators of similar size. This unit is far more fuel efficient than gasoline units. Unit has a 24 volt starting/electrical system. Two typical automotive top post 12 volt batteries (not included) can be used and are available at any auto parts store. 10.5 gallon fuel tank with separate auxiliary fuel system able to be connected to remote fuel tank. The unit has a separate fuel pump to draw fuel from a remote source in addition to fuel pump for fuel tank mounted on unit. Dimensions are 51" long, 32" wide, 37" tall Weight is approximately 960 lbs. I can ship this any where in the USA feel free to call or email for a quote all i need is a zip code and if it is a business or home also available for pick up, Indiana sale tax will apply to any Indiana resident or any one that picks it up in person Thanks C&C Equipment 812-336-2894

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