M561 Gama goat complete restore 100% new !!!!!!!!!!SOLD!!!!!!!!

Up for sale is truly one of a kind M561 Gama Goat offered by C&C Equipment. This machine has gone through a meticulous nut and bolt restoration from the ground up. Everything is either new , NOS, or rebuilt. Not one part was left untouched on this very unique machine. I doubt that you will find one nicer anywhere. 
Hundreds of hours have been spent on the restoration of this machine. All gearboxes have been pulled apart rebuilt and resealed. All axle shafts have been rebuilt, new u joints, etc.. 
All the hubs, brakes, bearings, have been replaced with new parts. All brake lines are 100% new from steel to rubber with all correct parts. Steering boxes are NOS and rebuilt units. All tires are new, wheels and rings were blasted and painted separately. The engine is a 3-53 correct aluminum block Detroit diesel. It is a brand new crate engine, not rebuilt. Behind that is a brand new clutch and rebuilt 4 speed transmission. The radiator is a brand new unit also. It has 2 new correct military spec batteries with original NOS covers, wiring harness is a combination of NOS and rebuilt components, it has been converted over to the more common style military flasher unit and turn signal switch. All lights, including blackouts work. Windshield wipers work also along with a new bilge pump. Seats, windshields, top are both NOS items, just like most items on this unique piece. All rubber lines are new, it has a complete pressurized air system in working order to keep water out the brakes when fording or swimming. The trailer portion has been restored just like the tractor. It has a NOS tailgate with correct seal for swimming and is complete with a pioneer tool kit. We have taken every precaution in this restoration to make everything correct as possible. It is all sealed up so if you wanted to take it out on the water you could do so. This was an ex-USMC vehicle, and I have the original registration number if one wanted to stencil it back original, I will leave that up to the buyer. The unit will come with a new Indiana state title that we are applying for now so you can license it on the road. It is a very fun unit to drive and will cruise at 45-50mph easily with a 55mph top speed. There is very few of these around and probably none in this kind of shape. I have over 500 pictures documenting the build of it from start to finish. Most of these have been demilled and scraped due to there high content of aluminum. This unit will last years to come and will require only the normal maintenance of changing oils, filters and such. There is so many items to list on this thing, watch the videos and check out the pictures, we can email you more. I strongly encourage you to come check this unit out in person.
I do have a NOS winch available for this unit and a complete NON arctic cab kit with doors. 
Call us from 8-4:30 est mon-fri at 812-336-2894
We specialize in military trucks, hummers and heavy equipment, and custom build, this is not a first time deal for us. We stock alot of parts and trucks for the 2.5-5 ton trucks.
I also have two more Gama goats in need of restoration and a semi load full of used, New and NOS parts like engines, tops, windshields, steering components winches etc... I have enough parts to complete another Gama goat to the quality of this one. I am going to offer parts first to this gama goat buyer if they want it, if not then they will go up for sale.
We can ship almost anywhere in the world. 
 Be sure to check out the videos, any questions please call or email




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